Chick'n Skewers with Peanut Sauce by Green Rebel

**All Green Rebel products should be kept refrigerated. Max. 5 hours in room temperature.


Green Rebel Chick'n Satay Taichan is made from 100% natural ingredients from plants with the original taste & texture of chicken satay. Our special Sambal Taichan is included, of course!


This frozen product is fully cooked and can be eaten immediately after being heated or re-cooked. It only takes 10 minutes to heat & eat!


Our products are made from 100% natural plant-based ingredients, free of MSG, preservatives, and refined sugar. Also contains 0% cholesterol, less saturated fat, and much more fiber compared to animal counterparts.

In Freezer: 9 months
In Chiller: If package is sealed - 5 days
In Chiller: If package is opened - 3 days

QTY: 1pack
  • Rp 60.000
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